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Name: Ashley
Age: 16
Birthday: July 5th, 1989
Favorite color: Green
Status: Taken ♥
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Cleaning Up [Monday June 12th, 2006 @ 8:01pm]

It started as a quest to find a piece of paper that details the channels for each row of house lights. Now, it is as though I am bringing closure to the last four years of my life. I have gone through several huge stacks of paper and found things dating as far back as my Freshman year. I have chemistry notes from my sophomore year, Spanish notes from my freshmen and sophomore years, English notes from my sophomore year, and history notes from my sophomore year. (I still haven't found that stupid paper. Every time I write that stuff down, I end up losing the paper and writing it all down again next time I need it.) "Summer of '69", by Bryan Adams just came on shuffle. We played that song during the slide show at our eighth grade class supper. I have thus far manged to Distrubute the last four years in to four folders, and one huge pile, as follows: High School Math, High School Math - POW's, Math League (I saved all of the papers.), Stuff from High School, and the "Why didn't I throw this crap away a long time ago" pile.

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Operation Cupcake and Beyond [Monday June 12th, 2006 @ 8:01pm]

I *secretly* never completed some of those essays for the superintendent. Oops. My bizzle.

Once upon a time, someone messed the board up. This has actually happened many times, but it was even more messed up this time. Actually, it wasn't the board, but we didn't know that before we spent an hour and a half playing with it. Anyway, the night we went to fix it, we opened up the back of the board and installed a hardware upgrade kit that had been sitting around in my house for a while. We did not have permission to do this. We were not qualified personnel. Until now, very few people knew about this. That same night, after discovering ze rack (you may have heard of this.), we reprogrammed all of the submasters. As part of this, I wrote down which rows of houselights are controlled by which channels. (channels 97 and 98 do rows 1 & 2, respectively, but it's a little screwy after that. 113 is the exit lights.). I lost the paper. ::sigh:: Happens every time. I'll guess I'll never completely complete that diagram. This whole night has been named operation cupcake. We also played with macros. They're fun. OMG, I wonder if we ever tried to make a recursive macro. I wonder how one would stop that...

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Graduation [Sunday June 11th, 2006 @ 8:30pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Graduation. It always seemed so far off in the future that I managed to convince myself it would never come. Now it is in past. Graduated. I spent every day of my high school career awaiting the end. Now that the end has come and gone, I find myself slightly depressed. About 169 seniors graduated last night. I probably won't see many of them again, but I didn't like most of them anyway. I'll be in touch with those who are worth staying in touch with. What distresses me is that I am an alumnus. For four years, high school was the only life I knew. When summer came, I knew what September would hold. When September came, the student entrance always welcomed me. Though I may walk through those doors again, I will never again do so as a student. Those years have come and gone as quickly as .... I no longer know what September holds, but I have come to accept this. The student entrance is closed to me, but in front of me lies a new path. This may be an end to a lifestyle that I have come to know and love, but it is also the beginning of something greater. I'LL BE BACK!

In other news, I pwned Bashful at Badminton, but he's afraid to admit it. (he can't admit to being pwned by the fat kid.)

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Fiery Habanero Doritos [Wednesday June 7th, 2006 @ 12:36pm]

DO NOT eat the crumbs that are in the bottom of the bag. OUCH. You have been warned.

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The Clock is Ticking [Friday May 26th, 2006 @ 6:24pm]

Two weeks ago: God, have mercy upon me. Just let it end already. I hate school.
Now: OMG, I'm leaving. How sad. :'(... OMG, I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

Here is the official count: countdown

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